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Every worldly possession was being stripped away
from my life, layer by layer. It was apparent that soon I
would be in financial disaster. I used every resource I had
to prevent total collapse. As my worldly life collapsed,
my spiritual life picked up again. Since my wife’s death, I had been relying on my own resources to try and get through.
But it was not to be. The worse it got, the more I sought
the Lord. Then one day I had a vision…

Roger Richter’s life had its ups and downs, but when his wife died and he faced bankruptcy, he suddenly found himself more in need of God than ever before. At the darkest point in his life, Roger was blessed with a sense of divine comfort and security. God showed Roger eight promises that he could depend on God to fulfill. These promises didn’t come to pass overnight, but as Roger depended on God, he found them slowly coming to fruition. He also realized that these eight promises aren’t only for him, they are for all believers. As you learn from his experiences, you too will learn that it is always worth Fighting for God’s Promises.